Comprehensive Utilization Project of GEM Copper-bearing Waste Residue and Sludge

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The project mainly processes copper-containing sludge, circuit board pyrolysis slag, copper sulfide slag and other materials, with a processing capacity of 90,000t/a. This project pioneers the use of oxygen-enriched side-blown bath smelting technology instead of the traditional blast furnace process, solving the problems of poor production environment, low automation and inability to deal with dioxins in the flue gas in the traditional process, and realizing harmlessness and recycling of hazardous copper-bearing waste. The project was successfully put into production in 2020. The produces are matte and black copper. The flue gas emission reaches the standard after waste heat recovery, dioxins removal, dust collection, desulfurization, and denitration. The glassy smelting slag (generally solid Waste) is sold as building materials raw materials after water quenching and granulation.