Hydrometallurgical project of 40,000t/a cathode copper and 7,000t/a metallic cobalt equivalent crude cobaltous hydroxide of LuiLu Resources SAS of Excellen Mining

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The project was built in Kolwezi City, Alaba Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, with raw materials from Luilu tailings and purchased raw oxide ore. The processing capacity is 6000t/d, including 50% Luilu tailings and 50% purchased copper oxide raw ore.
The project adopts the process of leaching washing, extraction and electrowinning to produce cathode copper; the process of crude cobaltous hydroxide from low-copper raffinate neutralizing and precipitating cobalt realizes the comprehensive recovery and utilization of Luilu tailings and creates a demonstration of the recovery and utilization of copper-cobalt tailings resources engineering. The construction covers mining, ore dressing, metallurgy, tailings ponds and supporting public and auxiliary facilities. The main production processes include mining, crushing, grinding, slurrying, leaching and washing, extraction, copper electrowinning, purification and cobalt precipitation, sulfur acid-making etc..